The burden of new borders

How to minimize Brexit impacts on your logistics.

While the daily news tends to emphasize the political aspects of Brexit and the ongoing negotiations around it, in daily life it affects entire economies, and therefore the business of manufacturers, importers and exporters, Customs agents and freight forwarders throughout Europe.

Nobody can predict the outcome of the seemingly endless negotiations and their resulting restrictions. This phase of uncertainty is bad, and particularly so for everybody involved in logistics processes. Action and restraint are simultaneously required. This sounds like an April Fool, but it's not.

Serious questions:

  • Are the goods I ship made in EU or not?
  • Which borders will be reimposed?
  • Will I be stopped on March 30, 2019?
  • Must I put up with long ago waiting times?

Serious answers:

  • Get your EORI number – now!
  • Apply for Customs Import/Export licenses – now!
  • Employ a qualified Customs broker or freight forwarder – now!
  • Alternatively get a system to do Customs declarations yourself – now!

The undesired consequences of Brexit can't be completely eliminated. But regardless of the Brexit negotiations, millions of necessary, urgent and not infrequently life-saving shipments cannot be paused. So be prepared. March 29, 2019 is closer than you think. Choose a solution that is appropriate for you. Ideally choose a system that preserves your independence. The scope is not wide. Scope is the one.

Seeing is believing.

Discover why leading forwarders favor Scope over others.

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