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Riege’s partnerships and integrations are key to why users prefer Scope over other TMS products.

Scope, our global TMS that offers multi-lingual service and support in Europe, Asia and the Americas, is a success because we have chosen to create partnerships and integrations that connect or integrate seamlessly with our product.

The development of technology is not unlike one of those games on a video board at a sporting event where people choose a character in a race and cheer for them to win. They are always jostling for position and sometimes the character in last place suddenly finishes first with a burst of speed at the end.

Because of the tremendous number of different companies and businesses in logistics, they each have technology that is modern or slightly older that requires someone to find a way to connect them to everyone else.

Within Scope, we have partnered with companies who connect to airline and sailing schedules, send messages to and from carriers and let our customers share their data with non-Scope agents or business partners around the world.

Champ, OAG, SITA, Ocean Insights, Cargosmart, GT Nexus, Inttra, Cargonaut and portbase are just a handful of the vendors that we have integrated into Scope where our customers can remain in a transaction, access key data to make a booking or transmit documents and finish all within the same file flow.

We also know that at Riege, we’re not accountants and many of our customers are using third party accounting solutions for not only their operations, but other parts of their business as well. This is why we have integrations with accounting packages such as Abacus, Exact, Sage and Quickbooks where customer data, credit status/limits, accounts payable/receivables and invoices can seamlessly and without human intervention move back and forth, saving valuable time and employee overhead in a department that doesn’t generate revenue; accounting.

Riege continues to evaluate technology platforms and providers to bring solutions to Scope customers around the world. If you have a suggestion for an integration partner or would like to see how our integrations and partnerships function within Scope, contact us for more information.

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