Scope is safe despite the Corona

Operational safety of Scope and cooperation with Riege in view of the COVID-19 epidemic.

People are central to our success, and not just since the start of the outbreak of the Corona epidemic. But especially during exceptional situations of uncertainty that raise many questions.

Safe operation is the rule

There is one question in particular that is preoccupying many of our customers: How safe are our operations with Scope now?

We are happy to answer in advance: as safe as usual. Not least because of our uncompromising Business Continuity Management.

Stable business processes are guaranteed

Since people rely on a company that is capable of working and companies depend on healthy people who are capable of working, Business Continuity Management is gaining special importance.

Business Continuity Management ensures that Scope continues to operate under all circumstances. Not only, but also in exceptional situations.

Within the framework of general risk management, an emergency plan is in place in the event of serious unexpected disruptions. The emergency plan sets out in detail procedures, responsibilities and escalation rules so that we can resume operations as quickly as possible and in an orderly manner. At present, however, such an emergency has not occurred or is not foreseeable.

Scope from the cloud enables work from home

As a cloud-based solution, Scope is accessible at any time and any place. Our staff in development, support and IT can perform all duties, including those for maintaining the IT infrastructure, from home. This enables us to ensure that Scope continues to operate as expected even when curfews and travel bans have been imposed.

Your employees can also use Scope to carry out their tasks from their home office in the event of a self-imposed or ordered "quarantine".

Avoid contacts, but continue to maintain them

In order to minimize the risk of infection for us all - at least in the professional environment - we practice HomeOffice; we will refrain from visiting customers and suppliers and, if it cannot be avoided, we will temporarily stop using public transport.

Regardless of this, we, our support and your contact persons will be available as usual. By telephone, email or video conference.

Especially now it is becoming apparent that digitalization in logistics and accompanying communication is an indispensable component for a secure future.

We wish all customers and partners good health. See you soon!

Dr. Tobias Riege

Seeing is believing.

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