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The safe way to continue working in a protected environment.

As a health consideration, we at Riege have all started to work from home since March 18th until further notice. And because Scope is in the cloud so can you and your team. The set up for this couldn’t be easier.

One way: Virtual Private Network

If you already have your own Virtual Private Network (VPN) infrastructure available for access by your employees at home, then you are good to go. Just fire up Scope like you would in the office. However, do be aware, that your VPN connection maybe limited for use on your office network or set up for use through a managed network of a third-party provider. If this is the case, then this option is not automatically available to your staff at home. You may need to direct your staff to the next option.

The other way: via Internet

This is the other option and still a good solution for you. Riege can offer access to Scope through the internet. Meaning your Scope system can then be accessed from any PC connected to the Internet, from home or in the office. You can opt to set this up temporarily, or if desired for the long term. And don’t worry about security, our strong encryption, URL filters and our Intrusion Protection System secures the access.

The safe way: Support during set up

In both cases know that Riege is here to help and our support staff are at your disposal. They can take care of the setup and walk you through any issues to allow anyone who needs to work from home to do so. Just ask and it will be done. Once requested any employees then only need to download and install the Scope Runtime. And Done! Working from home can begin. If additional support for this matter is required, the Riege Support team is there to help you.

Further information on installing the Scope Runtime and the basic networking options can be found here:

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