School's out forever

Intuitive learning-by-doing is one of the stellar traits of Scope.

Scope, the simple to grasp, easy to understand Transport Management System avoids long-lasting training sessions and complex lessons. After a succinct introduction, every user – even a first grader – will be able to create shipments in the most effective and satisfying way imaginable, with no back-to-school effect at all. With its appealing learning-by-doing character, Scope is opening up a new dimension in forwarding: 

  • A clear desktop and intuitive input boxes simplify entries and speed-up procedures.
  • During keying, data can be self-completed or chosen from a selection of validation alternatives.
  • Smoothly directing the user through all necessary steps with no stress, Scope shifts operations to a higher degree

In total, Scope really rocks and a new shipment can be created in just one minute. With less learning but more doing, with more speed but less errors. And even better, after completion, the e-AWB is automatically created and transmitted with no extra tools needed, with no extra time spent or wasted. With Scope, nobody is left behind. Smooth your way to the next grade, put your hands up now for a demo. Please call: (844) 474 - 3436 or mail: ketcham@riege.com

For the additional fun of it, listen here:

Seeing is believing.

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