Riege announces QuickBooks integration for Scope

Forwarders can now enjoy seamless, automated integration of their operational and accounting platforms.

Scope is the preferred multimodal cloud-based software solution for freight forwarders and now it integrates even more easily with QuickBooks. The background web services of Scope seamlessly connects its integrated finance with QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise products, transmitting accounts payable and receivable data seamlessly between the two platforms.

Forwarders can complete all customer facing invoicing and vendor bill entry from within Scope. Customer and vendor names, addresses and credit limits move back and forth between platforms. Duplicate entry by forwarding users and accounting departments are a thing of the past. Invoices can be sent by paper, email or EDI, all from within Scope.

Open balances per debtor can be imported from QuickBooks back into Scope. This way Scope is able to do credit control. With the statement module Scope can even send statements to the debtors. The advantage of sending from Scope instead of the accounting package is that outgoing invoices can be attached as PDFs to the statements.

QuickBooks support for online payments by credit card and EFT means that payments made to balances in QuickBooks adjust available credit limits in Scope, keeping freight flowing for operations. For air forwarders, Scope incorporates automated CASS integration.

When working with foreign currencies in QuickBooks, Scope will book in foreign currencies with the exchange rates as maintained in Scope. If no foreign currencies are used in QuickBooks, Scope will interface everything in USD.

Scope users can request this feature be enabled by just opening a support ticket. If you are interested in learning more about this, feel free to contact Riege today.

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