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Scope makes life noticeably easier for users.

Scope accelerates processes and procedures in customs clearance with functions the user may not expect, but should expect. These useful little helpers do great things daily, bringing customs declarations to completion faster and more securely.

Invoice import instead of invoice entry

Scope imports invoice data received as an XML or CSV file into a separate area of the customs declaration. This eliminates the need for typing - and mistyping.

All documents in one place

Scope automatically generates the required customs documents, saves them in a document file and sends them directly to customers by e-mail, if required. Everything stays in one place and is listed in correct order.

Registration number? Comes automatically

Users can search directly for AWB numbers when removing bonded warehouse items from storage. A search for container numbers, articles or shipment numbers is also possible. Scope intuitively displays search results at the beginning of the input and takes over the insertion of the corresponding registration numbers when taking over the requested items. Everything goes as if by itself.

Billing charges immediately

Scope calculates import duties directly after completion of a declaration item and outputs them in Excel format on request. In this way, it is possible to settle accounts even before a customs clearance service has been completed. Just in case it has to be.

Less effort, more overview. Fewer entries, more declarations. You can count on Scope.

Seeing is believing.

Discover why leading forwarders favor Scope over others.

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