Payback period: 0!

For implementation of Scope no IT investments required.

Cost saving is a key factor when cargo forwarders look for a new Transport Management System. But in many cases there are up-front cost such as considerable investments in IT which must frequently be taken into account. Scope, well-known as the comprehensive solution for air, ocean and customs is solely provided as SaaS (Software as a Service) and therefore does not require any additional investments in IT whatever.

In fact, the opposite is true. Apart from streamlining and therefore economizing operations, Scope drives cut-down of IT costs by reducing IT activities to internal necessities outside of the creation of shipments. Unfortunately, solutions offered by other vendors often require needless investments. Even an e-AWB implementation into a pre-existing system may lead to exceptional cost.

“Lynden, a Seattle-based forwarder that Sanders described as ‘on the smaller side of medium’, required an up-front investment of about USD 53,000 in IT costs, she said. However, the savings gained through the program covered the company’s investment in just over nine months.”

— Source: eAWB360 initiative aims to get smaller forwarders on board (Air Cargo World)

While a nine months period seems quite reasonable for such an amount of money, there are countless small and smaller forwarders who couldn't even afford an investment of such a scale.

And they don't have to. Regardless a company's size and number of users, the scalability of Scope allows its implementation from the smallest to the largest forwarders, with instant savings and increased profitability of which faster processes are only one factor: Scope enables the creation of a new shipment within 1 minute including the automated creation of the e-AWB with the completion of an air freight shipment. No extra tools needed, no extra time wasted, no extra money spent.

Consequently, Scope is at the forefront of the most efficient and future-proof Logistic Software solutions on the market. And it pays immediately: Employing the leading Transport Management System with built-in e-AWB editor, forwarders can circumnavigate the phase of amortization and instantly cash in by just taking the right decision.

To get more insight schedule a demo right here. A little of your time, that's the only ex ante investment you have to make.

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