Millennials love Scope, and we love them back

Young developers and operators are keen on innovative solutions.

Depending upon who you talk to in the United States, some people say that the workforce has a millennial problem. Descriptors include words like “lazy”, “not engaged”, “distracted” and other negative terms.

In my experience working in a software company, we are constantly looking for talented developers, many of whom are recent graduates who are versed in current programming languages, platforms and techniques. The great thing about employing millennials is that the way they think about how to build and develop Scope means they’re translating those skills into how our users will interface with the product and what they want and need to do their jobs effectively.

Scope is intuitive.

If you follow our blog and follow me on LinkedIn, you saw our three part series that we posted prior to this year’s AirCargo 2017 conference in Orlando. One of those installments focused on how Scope appeals to operators. As the people on the hot-seat, entering the transactions, they’re the ones moving between screens without leaving Scope thanks to its many integrations. Being web-based, with a GUI interface, the system makes sense and makes it easy for them to do their jobs quickly and correctly.

Need Scope help? It is only a few clicks away.

With an “everything at their fingertips” mentality, millennials LOVE the fact that Scope has support baked right into our platform. Got questions how to do something? Try the built-in Wiki that has many of the answers.

Not finding your solution in our indexed documentation? Then instantly fire off a ticket to us from right where you are in Scope and expect it to be addressed and answered by our skilled support staff who have profound expertise in forwarding and logistics. Each country has a dedicated Riege support desk.

You only get one chance to make a first impression – and Scope has high user satisfaction.

Millennials are fickle consumers. Get them upset and they’re gone – usually forever. And, hey, we know that doing a job is work, otherwise it would be called “fun”. One of the things that we hear consistently from our clients is how happy they are with Scope. With an average client duration of over ten years, Riege is building software that people can feel effective and empowered,  and that gets the job done for both the user and for our corporate customer.

In our environments both company and customers, millennials are not only welcome – we love them.

Seeing is believing.

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