INTTRA communication without a contract!

Message transfer directly from Scope accelerates processes and increases data quality.

Riege Software makes its sea freight customers an offer available nowhere else: A direct connection to INTTRA, without a binding contract, without detours. Directly from Scope.

The data exchange includes the transmission of

  • Container bookings and events
  • B/L instructions
  • VGM details (VERMAS)

All the work is done in Scope. The time-consuming switch to INTTRA or to carrier's websites is no longer necessary.

In practice this means:

  • Triggering of data exchange in one operation from Scope
  • No system changes, no re-keying of the same data
  • Secure information about the shipment status in Scope
  • No separate INTTRA contract, no separate invoicing

In total, users benefit from:

  • Less effort due to faster order processing
  • No additional costs thanks to invoicing based on INTTRA prices
  • Reduced costs through measurable time savings

This service is not free of charge. But it doesn't cost the earth either. And it's worth every cent thanks to the savings achieved and the information quality gained.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of message transmission via INTTRA?

Both quantitative and qualitative message content is consistently high, leading to significantly more information. The delay-free message transmission directly from Scope and the message receipt with immediate visibility in Scope leads to measurable time savings.

What are the advantages of connecting to INTTRA via Riege?

There are no additional costs compared to INTTRA's pricing when using the direct connection via Riege. This means an INTTRA contract and additional invoicing from INTTRA is avoided.

Which contractual commitment do I enter into?

None. With Riege Software only an agreement for activation is made. Invoices are issued on the basis of the number of container messages sent.

From what numbers of container messages is the agreement worthwhile?

Since the scaling of the container message costs can be varied according to the size of the forwarding customer, the agreement is worthwhile even for forwarding agents who only handle containers in the single digit range per month.

Are there free alternatives?

Yes, there are. A popular way is the direct, free access to carriers via their website. Here, however, the additional time involved for searching and rekeying of data is often out of proportion to the advantages of automated processing and the resulting increase in data integrity.

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