“I have no time to save time.”

Remarkable reasoning against the full automation of processes in logistics.

The diligent asserts the faineance as a waste of time. The logistician, however, despite his diligence tends to waste time while he is working. Regardless of digitalization and automation, he makes phone calls, collates paper by hand, adds notifications in writing, and sometimes still uses the fax machine. For the young ones: Facsimile communication describes a procedure where you send paper via telephone wire in such a way that it spits out paper on the other end of the line. Understood? Never mind, you don't have to.

The more progressive character swears by Excel files which he sends with the same enthusiasm from A to B as the shipment itself. Finally, he also makes sure to get a print-out, a procedure that is light-years away from the IATA initiative to accelerate paperless processes in air freight.

He who dared the step forward towards the next level and enjoys the advantages of some available Transport Management System likes to stick to it, irrespective of how little it does or how outdated it may be. In order to deliver a whatsoever justification, some remarkable reasonings are used: Since everything goes to slow anyway, there is no time left to institute changes that would save time.

“99% of the time, an organization’s ‘digital transformation’ is really an ‘organizational transformation.’”

— Jared Spool, American writer, researcher, speaker and educator

Furthermore, a lack of qualified employees has been detected. Of course. If present qualified staffers are waisting time by analogue sideline jobs, a bottleneck obviously will occur. In truth, neither time nor staff are lacking, but the appropriate technology.

“In cases of doubt, decide for the ticket.”

— Karl Kraus (1874 - 1936), Austrian author, publicist, satirist, lyricist, aphorist, and dramatist

This technology has a name – Scope. Scope is the comprehensive, fully integrated Transport Management System with an intuitive One-entry-of-data concept and one single user interface for all procedures. Within Scope and without quitting it, users are enabled to provide quotes, create shipments, manage job costing, and clear customs. Over and above, the e-AWB, sea carrier EDI bookings and shipping instructions are automatically created and can be sent and shared via a single mouse-click – including all relevant data and documents. 

Intrinsically, Scope lacks virtually nothing. And what might be lacking will be complemented, enhanced or integrated by customized interfaces. After all, Scope from the secure Riege cloud is not a static software but the summation of its improvements, provided to users continuously by regular updates. With Scope, the same number of staff will double its productivity while simultaneously double their own personal satisfaction. Let alone the satisfaction of the owner himself by increasing his company's economy.

If you are fed up with paper and everything else disrupting a fluid workflow, get to know Scope. A demo will convince you. Take that time! You will save double thereof afterwards.

Seeing is believing.

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