How long will you wait?

Scope delivers the e-AWB without extra tools and waste of time. At 100%.

The business media enthusiastically announce that e-AWB usage finally breaches the 50% mark. Finally? Yes, after 20 years of huffing and puffing and not much happening. Besides being paperless and the usual e-talk, what is the e-AWB actually good for if it doesn't accelerate your operations but rather slows them down?

New solutions have appeared, suggesting they are the cure but simply introduce new ills. Extra tools, extra effort, extra waiting time and soon saving paper becomes a waste of time.

Efficiency is demanded and it comes with a name: Scope.

Scope is a 100% complete solution, enabling the execution of shipments in a minute. What emerges is the e-AWB with no extra tools needed. With impressive additional benefits:

  • Scope knows if an airline or trade lane is 'e' and takes care of the 'e' on behalf of you. Keep calm, stay e-zy.
  • Scope will automatically update the shipment with departure and arrival events received from the airline. Know more, do less.

What else does Scope do? The usual – in an unusual smart way. Execution of shipments: considerably faster and more effectively by intuitive single-entry-of data. Embedded integration with third parties avoiding work-flow breaks and deviations. Thus Scope not only accelerates and assures higher quality of your operations, it avoids wasting time, money – and brain. Go faster forward instead of slowing down. It's e-time. At 100%.

Seeing is believing.

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