IAA celebrates its 2nd anniversary with Scope.

Sometimes happiness is just a feeling that occurs to you, sometimes it's the result of a decision. Tony van den Brande, Managing Director of International Airfreight Associates made a decision to create happiness for all the people involved in his company's activities. In fact, it was his intention to build a company that would outperform others by offering exceptional service at a fair price, treating customers and their cargo with respect, and attracting the best and brightest employees sharing the same attitude and willingness to serve. Scope by Riege has definitely helped him to reach these objectives. 

IAA started off with Scope in January 2016, and they are happily using Scope in their Rotterdam and Amsterdam offices. Scope supports the operators in their day to day forwarding business and Customs handling. Forgotten are the days of double work due to endless manual re-keying in different systems. Using Scope saves IAA a tremendous amount of time and has put an end to tremendous frustration and this has delivered tremendous happiness. Everybody is happy, IAA staff, IAA customers and, of course, Tony himself who naturally celebrates having made the right decision.

“My decision for Scope was and still is unparalleled, because Scope is the most effective and satisfying way to engage with customers and staff not only meeting their demands but really making them happy.”

– Tony van den Brande, Managing Director at International Airfreight Associates

Now it's our turn to exclaim “Happy anniversary, IAA! And thanks for trusting in us.” What else can we say? Lacking happiness? Catch up with Tony.

Seeing is believing.

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