Green IT – even a logo can contribute

How SVG files help save power - and much more.

Until recently, logo files for documents in Scope were generally provided in JPG, PNG, GIF or similar formats. These formats have many disadvantages: adaptations and adjustments are tedious and time-consuming, while visual results tend to lack quality.

When processing these kinds of files up to 30 times more storage capacity is required versus more efficient formats. This has the knock-on effect of greater load on the CPU and heavier power consumption. These negatives manifest themselves to the user as slow printing of documents.

In contrast, an SVG file (Scalable Vector Graphics) needs minimum storage and processor capacity, is easily adjustable and always leads to professional visual results. This translates into considerably lower power consumption and significantly faster print time.

Every marketing department or advertising agency can provide SVG files which should be passed on to us. We’ll take care of the rest and say thank you in advance – also on behalf of the environment.

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