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Circumnavigate the problem of missing sea freight tracking data via Scope and Ocean Insights.

For a long time missing tracking data meant that seafreight shipments effectively disappeared for a week or two once the vessel departed origin port. This radio silence was particularly acute from the importers point of view since it limited reliable planning due to the complete uncertainty about the true position of the freight. Managing the sea freight supply chain has never been smooth and efficient due to this gulf of uncertainty.

Recent cooperation between Riege Software International and Ocean Insights enables Scope, Riege’s innovative Software for logistics, to put an end to missing sea freight tracking events. Ocean Insights collects shipment tracking data from ocean carriers and other systems, and this enables them to provide accurate tracking data for shipments.

An interface to Ocean Insights connects Scope to their container tracking system, acquiring tracking data for shipments import agents may not be able to get from the export agent – with no extra effort involved: When a sea freight shipment is created in Scope, a search will be initiated using the master bill or carrier booking number. These details are sent to Ocean Insights as a query.

Once matched to a shipment in the Ocean Insights database, Ocean Insights will feed any previously stored events and ongoing events back to Scope. These events are mapped to milestones in Scope tracking plans and can then be used to initiate and complete milestones. The resulting tracking and monitoring information is available in both Scope and Scope Connect.

So for Scope users, there is no more missing information on sea freight events. Cast off!

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