e-Stamp officially integrated

Scope masters Mexican SAT's electronic invoicing system.

Users know that Scope enables freight forwarders to completely run their operations, finances and accounting and create all related documents digitally using Scope without having to switch to other applications. One of the key requirements when Scope enters a new region, is to comply and integrate with country-specific characteristics defined by law or conventions.

Forcing the digital evolution, Mexican businesses are obliged to submit all outgoing invoices electronically to SAT (Servicio de Administración Tributaria – Mexican Department of Treasury) using the CFDI (Certificado Fiscal Digital por Internet – Digital Fiscal Certificate via Internet). The CFDI is the document that vouches for an invoice. It is a file that includes all necessary information for a valid business transaction and once it has been transmitted to SAT, it is returned stamped with a unique electronic invoice number. This way, all involved parties are assured the invoice has been authorized and registered by SAT.

As part of the Mexican roll out of Scope, a feature to create, send and receive the CFDI invoices was crucial. In keeping with Scope's policy of Single-entry-of-Data, the integration of the stamping procedure was essential to allow Mexican users to complete their invoicing process from Scope without being forced to switch applications and key multiple entries.

Since early 2017, this functionality has been fully implemented in Scope, producing valid documents and high level of customer satisfaction. Mexican Scope users are literally excited to be able to complete their CFDI electronic invoicing process from within Scope with just 1 click of a button. In return and within seconds Scope re-collects the data in its invoicing module, stamped and ready to be sent. But what else would you expect from logistics software that has mastered all challenges so far?

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