How a hyphen delivers proof that TMS aren't all equal.

e-quality is certainly not the same thing as "equality". The opposite is true. e-quality embodies a higher standard of effective operations and active management of logistics in an increasingly digitized environment. As things stand today, all TMS (Transport Management Systems) are “e” by nature (they are all software, aren't they?) but not all are “e” in terms of quality. How much or little “e” you get from a TMS depends on various criteria many of them do not fullfil. Maybe you should ask yourself what your current TMS really does for you – or not. The answers might be interesting.

Does your TMS provide e-rates, e-invoicing, e-AWB, e-B/L, e-mail and all the other “e-” features which already hold or will hold a continuous data flow? If so, does it deliver the "e” automatically because of intelligent integration and boundless connectivity? Or do you need extra tools, have to change back and forth between systems to get the desired results? Do you have to take deviations and delay into account instead of getting simplified and accelerated processes? Do you incur extra cost for required investments and loss of time?

If you really want to go for e-quality instead of equally average and mediocre solutions, you have to go for Scope. Scope by Riege Software is the multi-modal transport management system for air freight, sea freight and customs, bringing enterprise class abilities to every logistician, from the smallest to the largest.

Due to its scalability, Scope grows as a company grows, empowering freight forwarders and manufacturers to easily manage and track their entire business cycle while satisfying all regulatory requirements. In addition, Scope equips users with a wide variety of e-tools and features (as mentioned above and even more) for operators and managers. Thus Scope streamlines, simplifies and accelerates operational processes, while dashboards give greater insight into all key business processes with live data instead of batched or old-fashioned reports.

Provided as Software as a Service (SaaS), upgrades are delivered automatically, helping customers to always keep pace with current best-practices and emerging e-standards, enabling them to quickly and efficiently manage freight movements and customs declarations any time, any place – with e-quality.

Seeing is believing.

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