Done and undone

Scope 9.6 – Strong parts show up, weak parts go down.

The good news: Scope has acquired new useful functions while simultaneously has jettisoned some superfluous. The bad news: There's none.


Administrators return to own permissions directly.

System administrators could use the option "Login with permissions of" to check whether permissions settings for users were correct. Now the administrator can return to his own permissions without quitting Scope and logging in again.


Quotations for all types of shipments.

Quotations are now available for all types of shipments including sea freight import and export. To start using the quotations function, please contact your local Riege Helpdesk.

Change of invoice line ordering.

In the activity template a new tab has been added that allow changing the invoice line order by activity group.

Date validity in Transport Order tariffs.

For tariffs calculated on transport orders, Scope used to look for the validity to the economic date of the shipment and not the date of the actual transport. Now a new, improved logic has been implemented.

Automated VAT-ID validation.

EU VAT numbers could be validated in the VIES database directly from the partner, but were not automatically refreshed. A new add-on will validate an EU VAT number during the finishing action of an outgoing or incoming invoice automatically.

Customs NL

Single Window connection.

Scope has done the conversion of the relevant messages and is ready to connect to a Single window (dutch blog entry).

Supporting Provisioning.

As part of the conversion Scope now also supports the new Single Window Provisioning module. To start using the provisioning module, please contact the Riege Helpdesk.

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