Customs procedures of the world, unite!

With its new One-for-All integration Scope revolutionizes customs declarations.

While other vendors gather crowds of companies to cobble together the tools demanded by customers, Riege takes the correct and innovative route, building these integrations directly into Scope.

That's why over the last year, Scope Customs has opened its doors and arms to embrace 3rd party logistics applications, delivering unified customs integration. An efficiency revolution done the right way.

The Scope One-for-All integration unifies all available customs procedures in all countries. Currently in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the US.This gives Scope users the opportunity to

  • deliver a full set of data to the receiving customs process
  • integrate one country after another
  • expand the customs services within each country

All procedures are done without worries about data content and integrity. With this advanced integration, Scope users enjoy the benefits of

  • no retyping of existing data hence reduction of errors
  • improved workflow hence faster and more reliable response times
  • immediate information about exceptions (interrupting the flow of goods) hence enabling prompt action for customers.

The new Scope Customs integration has passed its baptism of fire with a seamless go-live for a new customer, creating customs declarations directly from the forwarding module.

Commercially, the integration offers fair pricing and little maintenance which leads to predictable, calculable costs, while the benefits of improved processes and expanded possibilities far outweigh these costs.

So if you want to change things for the better don't go to the barricades. Carry out a laid-back and relaxed customs revolution.

Seeing is believing.

Discover why leading forwarders favor Scope over others.

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