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Users of Scope applaud its multiple integrations. Scope integrates to third party systems of all kinds. Among them are the major cargo community systems for airfreight (CHAMP, Descartes, Cargonaut, CCN Singapore) and the corresponding portals for sea carrier messaging and tracking (DAKOSY, BHT, Portbase, INTTRA, GT Nexus, CargoSmart and Ocean Insights). In addition, Scope provides access to portals which enable security and compliance checks, quality control (Cargo iQ) as well as flight details of airlines and sailing schedules of sea carriers.

But that's not all. By embracing any WMS/ERP, the Scope Customs integration can unify all customs procedures in all available countries. Currently used in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the US, this solution gives users the opportunity to clear customs from their systems without even touching Scope Customs itself – a true blackbox.

And there is still no end in sight. Specifically for the Mexican market and its strict governmental rules for business practices, Scope provides integrations which are obligatory by law. Mexican businesses are obliged to submit all outgoing invoices electronically to SAT (Servicio de Administración Tributaria – Mexican Department of Treasury) using the CFDI (Certificado Fiscal Digital por Internet – Digital Fiscal Certificate via Internet). Scope connects directly and provides the ‘electronic stamp’ in return within a split second.

In the best sense of the word Scope really pays when it connects to accounting software such as QuickBooks, CONTPAQi, DATEV, Sage, Unit4, Exact or Abacus, ensuring the unrestricted exchange of financial data between the systems, from invoicing to statements.

There's a lot more Scope integrates to, but the list is so large we had to make a separate page for it and you can check it here. Anything Scope does not integrate to? Yes, a lot of other Transport Management Systems, most of which are incapable of keeping up and you wouldn't want a downgrade, would you?

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