Better safe than sorry

Why our e-mail system filters so rigorously.

You have probably noticed: Microsoft Office and other documents attached to E-mails are rejected by our systems. This is not an accident but a result of our fortified firewall. We had very good reasons to take this action. This one is the most important:

Predominantly Office documents, but others also, are downright contaminated by malware, this occurs frequently, deliberately and generally with brand-new malware types which protection software does not yet detect. This is not your fault and even worse, third party intruders might abuse your e-mail address and mail these attacks under your name.

It is worth noting that according to the BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security), attacks by ransomware (blackmail trojans) have increased dramatically since December 2015.

We at Riege must avoid viruses that might infect our systems this way.

After all, it is not only about safeguarding our own systems, it is also about your safety: Your Scope and Procars systems are our systems as well. As a worst case scenario but a rather unlikely one – infection of Scope and Procars cannot be ruled out or generally repulsed. Therefore averting these issues is also in your interest.

With the above in mind, there are simple solutions to the problem:

Instead of sending Office documents, make use of PDF files or true text files such as .txt, .csv or XML files. MS Word offers a quick conversion into PDF, Excel allows generation of csv files in just a few steps. The most appropriate way, however, is attaching your documents in our JIRA ticket system because the required authentication of assigned users makes it the most secure way of all.

Ensuring that, now and in future, you will be able to work smoothly and – more than that - securely.

Seeing is believing.

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