All-in customs solution out of a blackbox

Scope Customs Integration communicates with all external systems.

Embracing any existing WMS/ERP, the Scope Customs Integration can unify all available customs procedures in all countries. Currently used in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the US. This gives users the opportunity to clear customs without even touching Scope Customs itself.

  • Import and send declarations automatically
    If data (XML) for customs clearances is received from an external source or system, Scope can import, add to and validate them. At the same time, the smart article table in Scope enriches ERP data with customs specific information for the same articles stored in Scope. After completion and the user's permission to auto-send, all imported declarations that meet the validations will be sent to customs automatically. This is a convenient method to automate growing e-commerce business which mainly consists of simple declarations, but in large volumes.
  • Complete or part import declarations
Scope can import declaration data in CSV format and (partly) create the customs declaration with the received data. After checking and amending the declaration, the user can send the declaration to customs. This allows the freight forwarder to handle e-commerce bulk declarations effectively. 
  • Workflow milestones in return
    Scope returns all relevant events during the declaration process - whether or not the declarations flow smoothly through. Users, however, can also choose to only monitor the declarations which require actions and are notified any exception events, like inspections, rejections, or cancellations that are sent back to their ERP/TMS. Thus the Scope Customs Integration not only automates and simplifies customs declarations but also allows an easy problem solving in Exceptions Management. The returned messages from Scope also contain the relevant duty and VAT amounts so they can be re-used in the external system.

The Scope Customs Integration is the unlimited solution for all Customs declarants in Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, USA and countries to follow.

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