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Start Scope without even thinking about Java.

Being Java-based offers various advantages of Riege's forwarding software Scope. While browser applications still tend to be somewhat clunky, Scope runs stable and reliable – cross-platform, always ready to operate.

Unfortunately, Oracle decided to provide Java for legal entities no longer free of charge and to discontinue Java Web Start. To furthermore furnish our customers with the best Scope experience possible and to grant customers the naturally free access, we have created Scope Runtime which allows the use of Scope without the installation and regular updating of Java. 

Scope Runtime contains technology developed by Riege Software to replace Java Web Start. Once installed, it enables permanent access to Scope while simultaneously ensuring the downloads of the actual Scope application itself. Occasionally required software updates for Scope Runtime will be executed by Riege, unnoticed by users and also free of charge, of course.

Scope Runtime is provided for Windows and macOS. Customers counting on Linux operating system may obtain detailed information on a special solution from Riege support staff.

Windows   macOS   Terminal
Require the 32-bit version for Windows? Download here.

Since the official announcement by Riege, many customers have already changed to Scope Runtime. For those who haven't switched yet, just download, install and enjoy – without anger, without even thinking about Java.

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