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Evolution No. 9

Scope 9.0 – A wide range of new features from clearance to cancellation

Evolution No. 9

One giant leap. Scope 9.0 provides numerous improvements and enhancements covering the scopes of freight forwarding, customs, finance and administration.


Safer shipment cancellation via pop-up

Cancelling a shipment now causes a pop-up. Cancellation reasons can be defined as category “Cancel order” via Maintenance > Reasons.

Air Freight

Import consolidated shipments via CSV Import

In the module Import-Master, it is now possible to import manifests via “Import CSV”. This reduces the manual effort to add individual HAWB shipment details to a minimum or it even eliminates entry completely.

New design for AWB-Editor

The rating lines in particular are modeled more closely to the awb-formula. HS Codes can be edited in the text line again.

Sea Freight

Transmisson of Vermas Messages

The Vermas message (which contains the VGM-Information) can now be sent separately for master and single shipment/FCL single shipments. The connected portals are: INTTRA / GT-Nexus / Cargosmart.

Capture multiple BHT and AES per commodity line

BHT orders can now be created with AES - AND - BHT customs details at the line level.

Adaptation from the DUX registration according to the Zapp-Newsletter 35

According to the Zapp-Newsletter 35 the registration “DUX” changes on march 2017. Additionally two exceptions for registration “MIT” are removed on the 01.01.2017.


Activity Type per Cost Center

With Scope 9.0 a Cost Center can be assigned to an activity type. The Cost Center can be respective to the Shipment Type, the Customer, or for a rendered service, for example the customs clearance by another branch.

Group internal accounting

Scope 8.6 introduced Intercompany-Billing. There are now 3 options: 1. Select the order for the opposite party myself. 2. Have the order selected by the opposite party. 3. Do not create the automatic accounts payable for the opposite party.

Reduction of the Basis-Types in calculation

Basis-Types for the calculation from Airfreight (AF) and Seafreight (OF) orders are limited as followed: 1. AF Buying – only Chargeable weight. 2. OF Buying – container type, number of containers and W/M. 3. AF and OF Selling – same basis as per buying tariffs, additional “amount charge type (cost)”.

Differentiation of tariffs FCL / LCL

Sea Tariffs can now be differentiated between FCL and LCL Buying/Selling.


Import customs clearance simplified with freight amounts on the General tab

Air and sea freight Import shipments are extended with new fields on the General tab: This simplifies the customs clearance of shipments.

Enhancement of Shipment overview

The shipment overview has been extended with the following fields: ETD, ETA, ATD, ATA, Customer Partner (the party who according to the incoterm is flagged as the Customer), and “Is / Is not - Shipper, Consignee or Agent”.

UN/Locode for transport order

Tariffs can now be defined for fixed routes on transport orders. Departure / Destination UN/Locodes of Pickup / Unloading are used for this. Each screen for transportation orders is extended with UN/Locode fields.

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