Evolution No. 9

Scope 9.0 – A wide range of new features from clearance to cancellation

Scope 8.6 – Whiz at numbers

Cool calculation of rates, amounts and prices.

Scope 8.4 – Freedom of choice

Self-determined options. Automated alternatives.

Scope 8.2 – The new acceleration formula

Faster on the go, faster on the way, faster at the finish.

Scope 8.0 – Overhaul of architecture

Smartly faster, stunningly directer, simply smarter.

Scope 7.6 – More Options, Less Effort

Rating performances, making choices, informing customers.

Scope 7.4 – Hands on, hands off

Manual manipulation meets more automation.

Scope 7.2 – Determining Improvements

10 more top features for more comfort and safety.

Scope 6.4 – More than New

New Features, more Options.