Cope with the big boys

Scope excels as the congenial tool to compete with the larger players.

Lubricating Innovation

How a user's idea oils the flow of a new Scope feature, enhancing the incredibly smooth Scope experience

Q: How many QAs do you execute for Scope? A: More than 20,000 per Release!

Quality Assurance and Quality Control merge into Quality Characteristics.

SaaP – Software as a Partnership

Why customer support is a valuable key feature to build upon.

Keep cool!

Why we put some really good ideas on ice.

Simple is outrageously hard

Complex solutions are the sum of uneasy compromise.

Go innovate!?

Innovation in logistics is the future – but where does it come from?

“I want it all. (I want it now.)”

How type all-dominant remitters frustrate software developers.

A Word About Flights

The First Documented Flight Went Into Egypt.

Money is never burnt, it just changes hands

Unserious quotes and conclusions cost companies serious money – for nothing.

Weighed And Found Wanting

Cheap eAWB platforms are not the perfect fit for small-sized forwarders.

A Friend Has Departed

Dieter Alheit * 01.01.1931 † 25.03.2015

Don’t Stop Making Sense

Feature on and against Featuritis in Enterprise Software Design.