Scope Sagitta Import


Electronic import declarations are registered, checked and transmitted to Customs. Scope allows entering loose declarations. When using Scope’s sea- and/or airfreight import modules, data of the shipment is copied to the declaration avoiding double input.

VAT at imports, import duties and excise amounts are automatically reserved as cost and turnover for the purpose of invoicing from Scope.

This module will be replaced by the new AGS2 module when Dutch Customs switches to AGS2.


  • Integration with shipment entry
  • Import Clearance (IM, EU, CO - A, B, D & Y)
  • Declarations sent to Customs directly (Logius)
  • Emergency Procedure Printing
  • Automatic update of Customs exchange rates (monthly)
  • Verification of VAT number licenses (OB 23)
  • Monitoring of Guarantee
  • CBS Report for Limited Fiscal Representation
  • Export to XLS function