Scope Core


Scope, developed by Riege Software International, is a powerful yet simple solution to managing a complex supply chain. Scope equips freight forwarders with easy-to-use management tools, streamlines and simplifies operational processes, and provides greater insight to the complete business process.

The Core module is at the heart of Scope. This hosts the fundamentals that make Scope so innovative, connecting functionality across the platform to deliver intelligent shipment creation for the entire life cycle of the movement.

Scope is built from the ground up with total integration in mind while presenting the user with an efficient and straightforward interface:

  • Smart Data Entry: Self-checks the type of entry being created and only requires the fields necessary for that entry (Sea, Air and Customs).
  • Address Manager: Helps manage your entire address database. Automatic comparison of new versus existing addresses eliminates address duplication. Scope supports denied party screening requirements, searching both U.S. and international denied parties lists.
  • Template Builder: For established customers with repeat business you can automate shipment creation via a stored shipment templates.
  • Document Center: Provides a central location to create, send and store documents within the shipment, including external documents.
  • Quick Search: Allows shipment search using any identifiable part of the shipment, including all references such as purchase order, part number, shippers reference, B/L and air waybill number.

What key functions does Scope Core manage?

General Functions

  • User and permission maintenance
  • Authentication during login process
  • Printer and document maintenance
  • Email-function (outgoing)
  • Exchange rates
  • Article maintenance
  • Text templates
  • Charge Types
  • Multilingual support for invoices
  • Define tax-ability of charge types
  • Customer specific & general selling tariffs
  • Vendor specific & general buying tariffs

Business Partners

  • Maintain various types of addresses
  • Maintain contact data
  • Maintain accounting data
  • Address compliance check (on request)
  • Test validity of Regulated Agents and Known Consignors
  • Test validity of VAT-ID of European companies

Job Costing

  • Direct and up-to-date overview on income, cost and profit per shipment
  • Income and cost breakdown from consolidations to house-shipments
  • Maintain accruals for income and cost
  • Multi-branch statistics with configurable filter and export capabilities
  • Categorize shipments in predefined cost centers
  • Multi-branch overview of all incoming and outgoing vouchers, including re-print functionality
  • Credit limit and alert for risk mitigation

Outgoing Invoices

  • Automated creation of outgoing invoices
  • Customer specific tariffing of charges
  • Correct identification of tax-ability of charges
  • Printout of income specifications for later creation of collective invoices
  • Alert when exceeding credit limit

Incoming Invoices

  • Validity checks to ensure correct booking
  • Comfortable allocation of accruals
  • Up-to-date job costing view per shipment when allocating charges
  • Copy function for recurring invoices