What is Scope?

Scope is a smart multi-modal transport management system that provides comprehensive, core logistics and operational functionality for complex supply chain management.

Developed by Riege Software International, the software solution empowers freight forwarders and logistics partners to easily manage and track their entire business cycle – from quotes to delivery – while satisfying regulatory requirements worldwide.

Why Scope?

Already utilized by 3,000 users in over 250 locations, Scope is the industry’s solution to what has traditionally been complex supply chain management with ever-changing international requirements and compliance, variable costs, and disparate trading partners, agents and vendors.

Scope consolidates all this information, equips freight forwarders with easy-to-use management tools, streamlines (and simplifies) operational processes, and provides more insight into their entire business process.


Benefits for Freight Forwarders

Flexible, customizable and scalable

As a modularized customizable solution, Scope grows as you grow – from one location to hundreds. It equips freight forwarders with the necessary management tools to level the competitive landscape and meets the increasingly complex EDI requirements of forwarders' customers.

Visibility and versatility for entire shipment life cycle

Monitor, manage and report on your complete business pipeline – whether it is air and sea freight processing, or customs – all centrally from one place. Empower customers with the tools and confidence to manage their supply chain. The event-based management functionality quickly highlights problems and predicts potential trouble spots. Fast resolution of issues is key to meeting agreed service levels.

Easy full-range connectivity and open platform

Platform independent and designed with advanced technologies, Scope bridges connectivity gaps between partners. Its dynamic integration tools enable the software to connect to existing application systems and/or custom software applications (i.e., ERP systems or other e-solutions). Utilize one, many, or all of the modules; pay only for what you use (i.e., only air freight processing, importing, etc.). Implement the software with existing hardware at a minimal expense and transform the current system into a more advanced one without having to buy added peripherals or support. Used in conjunction with Riege’s internal network management system, Scope enables customers to connect electronically to all major VAN’s, CCS, carriers and trading partners worldwide.

Email from Shipments

Scope has an internal email application that enables users to email shipment data and associated documents directly from the application. All documentation, discussions and email are itemized and easily viewed within the shipment.

Satisfies regulatory, security requirements for import/export worldwide

Scope is used by freight forwarders throughout the world and is already localized to specific country requirements, including key regions already implemented such as the U.S., EU, China, and Hong Kong. Localizations are included in clients’ software, and any regulatory changes for a specific country are implemented quickly and delivered with the next update.

Fast, time efficient and affordable

The Scope user interface is intuitive, fast and easy to use. Single input screens save users time and effort by requiring data entry only once. Information is automatically carried over to other documents, reports, filings and modules. There is no need for an IT department; the implementation process is low cost and user-friendly. The solution lets managers easily learn and use the system, and then quickly train their staff


Key Features



With an easy-to-use and quick-to-learn interface, Scope simplifies complex financial, operational, and communication tasks and processes, which makes possible the implementation of the forwarders’ Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) quickly, efficiently and affordably.

Document Archive

Scope’s advanced architecture and design allows for all associated shipment documentation to be attached and archived to an individual shipment via drag-and-drop, EDI or email. This way, users can see all the necessary documentation associated with every shipment as well as conform to the e-freight standards for paperless shipments.

Intelligent and efficient Industry Workflow

Scope provides a simple and effective workflow designed by decades of industry knowledge and customer input that are easily adapted to specific company procedures. This provides significant advantages for companies, enabling them to immediately utilize industry standard operating procedures without having to “re-invent the wheel.”

Shipment Tracking & Statistics

Scope has advanced shipment tracking capabilities and, whether EDI or XML, can communicate with trading partners and update tracking details. It drives meaningful statistics and reports that provide necessary visibility on shipment, vendor and carrier performance.


Scope reduces the need for special IT staff; Riege Software International specialists keep the multitude of Scope servers up and running for all clients. This scales from a very low-entry level (single-user-installations) up to large enterprise-sized deployments, regardless of the platform (Windows, OSX, Linux etc.).

Quick Search

As with search engines on the internet, a quick search field lets users browse application modules for requested data, while displaying results, in an easy-to-select format. Its advanced search capabilities ensure that duplicate entries are not made and that re-usable data is immediately available.

Compliance and Duplication Verification

Scope’s Data Service maintains countries, taxes, location codes, code lists, exchange rates, airline lists, codes, and much more. It ensures that all data entered meets the appropriate compliance verification per country or location, such as addresses, and also checks that information is not duplicated. This protects the integrity of documentation, EDI, messaging and database. Ongoing reports are accurate and meet the associated standards.

Email from Shipments

Scope has an internal email application that enables users to email shipment data and associated documents directly from the application. All documentation, discussions and email are itemized and easily viewed within the shipment.


How it Works...

Scope, a new and completely redesigned and developed application, builds on the 25 years experience and lessons learned from its powerful predecessor Procars, and incorporates the latest technologies, bringing enterprise class abilities to every forwarder – from the smallest to the largest.

The solution is a hosted application that allows users to access Scope from any location and to quickly and efficiently manage freight movements.

Automatic Updates and Upgrades

Developed in Java Enterprise Edition (JEE), Scope’s “Rich Client” provides inter-connected development releases that expose its features to a Web front-end piece by piece, enabling automatic updates and client upgrades.

Scope is hosted and operates exclusively on servers managed by Riege Software International's dedicated IT Operations department. Their sophisticated monitoring and management tools enable the servers to meet designated service levels. Scope’s major feature upgrades are delivered every three months, helping customer operations to always keep pace with current best-practices and emerging standards – at no additional cost.


Backed by Industry Leader


For more than 25 years, Riege Software International has been a trusted software provider for global companies, such as EMO-TRANS, Kintetsu, Logwin, Pan Asia Logistics, DB Schenker and UTi Worldwide, and is implemented throughout the world by over 15,000 users in 600 branches in 50 countries including Europe, Asia and North America.