Way Beyond Compare

Scope Connect Module Outships Average Track & Trace

Scope Connect

Once again, Riege has taken a giant step forward, scaling up collaboration efficiency between freight forwarders, their customers and agents by sharing data and visibility of air freight, sea freight and road shipments online – in real time. With the Scope Connect module, customers of freight forwarders will no longer just track and trace their shipments but manage them as options are many:

Shipment Booking

With the completely redeveloped module, web users can enter bookings directly, whether they are air, sea or road. One time shipments can be booked in 4 simple and clear steps. Repetitive bookings can be generated easily by using templates. Right after its submission, the new booking is visible in Scope for further processing by the freight forwarder.

Document Center

PDF documents generated from Scope such as airwaybill, bill of lading instructions and booking confirmations are visible for the web users in order to provide real time information updates.

Status Information

Detailed status information on each shipment can also be queried by web users. All common statuses are displayed – pickup done, fwb submitted, shipment departed, container booked, container loaded onboard, vessel departed, shipment arrived, proof of delivery. You name it, they’ll get it.

Overview and Monitoring

Web users can monitor the statuses of their bookings and shipments online and export reports directly to Excel – for a complete overview of all of their bookings and shipments.


If third parties next to shippers or consignees are defined, they may also be enabled to enter additional information on shipments. Road transporters may register pickup dates and time or pod-details. Overseas agents may register arrivals or customs clearance status updates – including PDF uploads of customs documentation on shipments.


To avoid undesired confusion or access, all details of what a web user is allowed to do and what he can see are defined by the freight forwarder in Scope. Thus, Scope Connect is as comfortable as controllable. For the benefit of all partners involved.

What else can we say? Time to get real, time to get Scope – since with the real time shipment management by Scope Connect, freight forwarders will also be way beyond compare to competitors.


C2K is the future – and Riege is far ahead

Test Suite Phase 1 - specifications accomplished prior to deadline

Riege Air Freight Brothers

As of February 5th, the test suite for the revised phase 1- specifications was delivered to all IT providers within C2K group while the deadline was officially fixed to March 17th. Riege succeeded to accomplish this test – including implementation – in close cooperation with DB Schenker three weeks prior to deadline. The specifications are valid from April 1st, and incorporate fundamental changes as well as setting a new technological milestone for the members of Cargo 2000.

With this implementation, the internal quality of reports of airlines and forwarders within C2K group plus the accuracy of C2K Key Performance Indicators will improve significantly and also represent another important step towards e-freight. This successful jumping the gun results from intense development work of Cargo 2000 Technical Working Group as well as the trustful collaboration between all participating partners. Consequently, we feel obliged to express our gratitude to all parties involved and would like to assure our furthermore commitment and dedication to the cargo industry by keeping to our promise: To ensure continuous quality along the supply chain as the key aspect of our affords to enable economic growth and success.


Scope 7.0 – faster in, smarter out

From Login via Shortcut to Sharing

Scope 7.0?

The year started off well. And it’s getting even better – with the awesome improvements within Scope 7.0, designated to further simplify and facilitate everyday work.


Scope 7.0 Top Features


  • Login Settings


  • AEB ASSIST4 eInvoice Format
  • Administration of automated e-mail messages
  • Cargo Office Integration
  • Contact person for outgoing invoices


  • Air Freight Import: new transfer order „Terminal pickup“
  • Export shipment entries: Short-cut für „Exceptions from regular export procedures“
  • CargoSmart – B/L Instructions, Bookings and events

A Big Loss

André Kieker * 05/20/1967 † 12/28/2014

André Kieker – Autobahn André Kieker – Air Freight André Kieker – Air Freight - Riege Brothers André Kieker – Sea Freight Bird's-Eye View André Kieker – Warehouse André Kieker – Customs André Kieker – Fab 4 André Kieker – Riege Container


By end of December 2014, we had to bid our last farewell to André Kieker. Passed away at the age of only 47, his heritage is larger than one would assume regarding his young age. With sincere sympathy we wish to thank him for having created an outstanding 3D visual world which had and will have deep impact on our communication and image.

Wherever you are: fly high & godspeed.


Don’t Stop Making Sense

Feature on and against Featuritis in Enterprise Software Design

Christian Riege

If you’d been asked to name the 100 most important things or rather 100 senseless things what would you start with? Right, there are so many more useless than needful things and you would easily be able to list more than 100 of them.

Counting aside, the existence of things you don’t need is true for most facets in life and – sadly enough – to an exceeding extent for enterprise software. We talk about features or rather an overload of aggregations of them. They conquer applications like viruses on computers, infesting them like a severe disease: Featuritis. Unfortunately, there is no antidote or cure, it either hits you or you resist. Some do, as Horace Dediu reports, and you may be surprised who:

We were witnesses to apps which appeared to be designed for users[!] They were not designed for committees that prepare checklists of requirements. We must applaud IBM for having the courage to resist the featuritis which plagues enterprise software design. This resistance requires saying No to those who specify and are thus authorized to purchase software and hardware. IBM has had to essentially say no to those who buy and yes to those who are paid to use. The quality of the experience is evident at first sight. The number of user actions, the number of screens to wade through have been ruthlessly culled. These are concepts and ideas which now permeate app design best practices. Yet they are practices which still elude the spec-driven enterprise software wastelands.

This describes in essence the philosophy upon which Scope is built. When we started the development of Scope in 2006, one of my biggest fears was encountering the dreaded “Second-system effect”. We had a perfectly good working system with ProCars, and it was a very tough decision to question assumptions that had manifested themselves over thirty years.

Yet, we started Scope from a blank slate. We designed Scope first and foremost with its potential users in mind. With resistance to featuritis from the very beginning. Features that were important for just “enterprise sized” customers were dropped — screens were made fix instead of being configurable. Component behavior was standardized across the application. Master data management (e.g. countries, ports, currencies) was removed from the realm of the user into a central responsibility on our side.

We are now in year nine of Scope. Numerous features and functionality have been added since the humble – but nevertheless ardent – beginnings in 2006. But for every feature or improvement request that we receive we still keep asking ourselves: “Is this really necessary?“. “Does it help the user?”. “Is there a better way to do it?”. We continue to say “No” or “Maybe” to a lot of issues. Saying “No” is hard and sometimes leads to controversy. But the rule is – and always will be – it has to make sense. Make doing the easy things easy and the hard things possible. Otherwise it’s not a feature but a plague.

Nevertheless, as a reliable, cooperative partner to our customers we always have an open mind on suggested improvements – Scope literally lives from additional input of users and, after all, is a continuously growing summary of improvements. Therefore we will continue to invest in all necessary resources to deliver real Innovation in Logistics. Not to fulfill the check-marks on an enterprise’s list of features. For it is our pronounced intention to please current as well as future users and contribute to their work-life becoming a bit brighter. Thus we’ll never stop doing things that make sense.



The Power of Love

Merry X-Mas

At the end of the year, let’s not talk about business. Neither future nor past. Let’s talk about what keeps us alive and well to do the things we’re living for – world peace.

But after all, there is no peace without love.

“When the Power Of Love will replace the Love Of Power,
then will our world know the blessings of Peace.”

- William Ewart Gladstone -

Almost unexpectedly, there is a business aspect in this. We’re all connected by the love for logistics. Whether love or hate, peace or war, gladness or madness, it affects our common undertakings not just at Christmas but every day of the year.

Therefore, let’s all stick together and contribute our share to keep this world in peaceful motion. With the power of love.

Listen to the song at thepoweroflove.nl, donate and download.
For the love of peace.


Or enjoy video right here:



Membership in Cargo-XML task force more than matter of duty

The days of Cargo-IMP are numbered. The end-of-life date is still written in the stars, but IATA is eagerly seeking an XML-based solution that will enable an easier, safer and paperless exchange of data between IATA, Cargo 2000, e-freight and other market players.

As we understand our role, we will transform decisions of the committee into outstanding and comprehensive software solutions. Hence we must participate actively in order to have an impact upon resolutions and decisions. As of January 2015, Riege Software International will be acknowledged as an IATA strategic partner in the CXMLTF, the IATA Task Force pushing the implementation of Cargo-XML.

To us, this engagement is more than just a matter of duty. We will not only participate but will represent the interests of our customers and the entire cargo industry. We will show our colours through our abilities; our expertise in Cargo-IMP is as substantial as our XML expertise. For Riege, XML is a long-standing fundamental standard.

Consequently, Scope users do not have to prepare themselves for forthcoming adjustments, they are optimally prepared from the outset. Scope modules generally feature XML-based interfaces to ensure optimized messaging while meeting our long established goal of reduced paper consumption. These achievements and our advanced knowledge qualifies us to lobby within CXMLTF: Riege XXL for Cargo-XML.


High Altitude Performance

Leading Dutch logistician van Donge & De Roo flying with Scope Air Freight

van Donge & de Roo

Based in Rhoon/Rotterdam, van Donge & De Roo (VDR) is a leading provider of forwarding and logistics services in the Netherlands. Deploying profound expertise in not only air freight, sea freight and road but also rail and inland barge transportation, VDR meet all of their customers forwarding requirements. Supported by a worldwide network of handling agents, the company covers the entire scope of the international transport business.

VDR examined and verified the Scope air freight module as a suitable solution for their air freight activities, befitting their own exacting standards. In order to accomplish advanced execution of all ready-for-carriage procedures, they decided to handle air freight shipments, export declarations, ECS procedures and e-AWB with Scope.

We are glad to be on board supporting van Donge & De Roo’s high altitude performance and wish them always speedy arrivals.


Broadening the scopes

Cargo Modules LLC choose Scope for excellence

Cargo Modules LLC

Cargo Modules LLC is a full-service freight forwarding and logistics company that offers one special advantage most others can’t – an unmatched level of personalized service. This is exactly one of the reasons they chose Scope by Riege Software International.

Next to the unique user-friendliness of Scope and its flexibility, enabling tailor-made configuration to customers’ needs, it is the “Excellent local support”, as Werner Staub, Managing Partner, points out and continues, “The sophistication and flexibility of Scope to handle complex supply chain logistics coupled with the un-parralled support offered by Riege makes all the difference in selecting a long term partner and supplier.” For Cargo Modules he chose Scope Ocean Freight and Air Freight both Import and Export module plus Scope Statistics and an interface to the likewise smart QuickBooks accounting software.

Werner further explains, “We’re flexible and creative, able to find fast, innovative ways to arrange shipping of products, especially those with unusual handling and shipping requirements different from shipment to shipment. What may look like mission impossible for the traditional freight forwarding company is business as usual for Cargo Modules. Our customized logistics solutions give a competitive edge to the small- and medium-sized company engaging in international business. We are passionate about outstanding communication with our customer by being contactable 365 days per year and much more.”

To further broaden these outstanding customer values, Cargo Modules chose Scope as the sole solution to handle all of their logistics management and operational needs to meet their future service requirements. We wish them smooth – and excellent – sailing.


How Fast Can You Get?

Streck Transport upbeat after 8 months of Scope at work

Streck Transport

8 months ago, Streck Transport and Riege celebrated the successful implementation of Scope which replaced the longtime deployed Procars logistics software also developed by Riege Software International. Roll-out proceeded exceedingly smoothly, Scope went live, expectations were great.

8 months later, Božo Čičak, CIO of Streck Transport Group, took first stock: “From the very beginning, we were convinced Scope was the best solution for our purposes. Experience shows we were absolutely right. All desired optimization effects occurred, many beyond our expectations. Implementing Scope completely simplified and streamlined our workflow. We have increased cost effectiveness, we serve customers faster than ever, operators are multi-motivated. After all, investing in Scope was an intelligent decision. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone involved in the process. Congratulations! We at Streck Transport are looking forward to our next steps with Riege and Scope.“

What else can we say, except it was great teamwork throughout the entire process cycle. Input as well as co-operation from Streck IT and forwarding departments were substantial and exemplary – and essential for the very fast final result. A sincere “Thank you!“ from our side also.

About Streck Transport:

  • Est. 1946 in Lörrach/Germany
  • 19 subsidiaries in Germany and Switzerland
  • 1200+ staff members
  • 120+ Scope users
  • 220 million € annual turnover
  • Co-founder/member of System Alliance, System Alliance Europe, IATA



One-Stop-Solution for a One-Stop-World

ULS excited about Scope, the comprehensive smart solution enabling complex services

United Logistics Services

United Logistics Services (ULS) is a Dutch-Mexican freight forwarder maintaining offices worldwide. Committed to a one-stop-world logistics concept, ULS were eagerly seeking an innovative, smart business software which supports their claim to provide complex services at a lower cost.

With Scope, ULS handle a wide range of integrated services such as supplier and goods inspections, land, air and sea freight, both LCL and FCL, and most notably tailored-made services for unusual needs, while offering highly competitive rates.

According to Sjef Minke, Director at ULS Mexico, ULS are “… very excited to be using and offering such an innovative and complete tool to our customers. We can adapt and customize it to our needs and it enables us to manage complex supply chains simply, while saving time and being more efficient.”

Sounds like a very convinced “¡Àndale! Mas efficiente, mas económico.“ to us. Enabled by a smart one-stop-solution for a one-stop-world. “¡Sigue así!”

About United Logistics Services

  • Est. 2006
  • HQ Juriquilla, Queretaro Mexico
  • Offices: Mexico (5), Ecuador (1), Asia (8), Europe (4).
  • Employees: 20+ in Mexico
  • Member of the World Cargo Alliance, Certified ISO 9001:2008

What the “e” is going on?

Riege’s Henk Boorsma on e-freight and e-AWB in Cargohub Magazine

Henk Boorsma on e-freight

While engaging not only for customers’ issues but for the entire cargo industry, Riege Software International is an active member in leading associations and alliances of the forwarding business. We show colors in leading market media too.

Henk Boorsma, Managing Director of Riege Software International Benelux, explains the e-freight or rather e-awb status in the Netherlands in his column in Cargohub Magazine.



Gonzo going foremost to Gabon

Scope US AES sends used Mitsubishi Outlander to Africa successfully

Cars Import Export Terminal

A few days ago, implementation of the Scope US AES customs module was finalized for American Export Lines (AEL), an international freight forwarder, NVOCC and IATA/CNS agent, and their initial transmission to US Customs was completed. AEL implemented Scope in June of this year following extensive feasibility studies, customization, testing and training by Riege Software International who has previously undergone and completed rigorous testing and certification to become an official and approved AES service bureau for its customers using Scope.

Upon submitting the Letter of Intent (LOI) to US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the interface was activated and export declarations were immediately transmitted to US Customs. The AES module performed as expected when initially handling this noteworthy maiden shipment: AEL’s very first entry was the declaration of a second-hand Mitsubishi Outlander going to Libreville, Gabon. After the tremendous effort of implementation, configuration, certifications and connection to US Customs, everyone involved was ready to go – American Export Lines, US Customs and, of course, the second-hand Mitsubishi Outlander. When the lucky new owner takes delivery of their fine used vehicle they will be quite unaware of the immense effort conducted behind the scenes. Nevertheless, the happy Outlander owner is one of many importers benefiting from current and prospective customers of Riege Software International who choose to use Scope for their forwarding.

In the end, it wasn’t gonzo at all. It was smooth sailing, and for AEL this was a consequential next step towards greater efficiency in handling customs export declarations. For us, this was another validation of Riege Software International’s skill, capabilities and dedication to provide forward thinking customized solutions for the freight and cargo handling industry which – in this case – is referred to as the Scope US AES module.

About American Export Lines

  • Est. 1974
  • HQ Los Angeles, California
  • 45+ Employees
  • 20+ Scope Users
  • Member of World Cargo Alliance (WCA), IATA/CNS, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, California Trucking Association, Air Forwarders Association, Los Angeles Air Cargo Association

Pick your ACE

Get to know what CBP is coming up with

ACE Newsletter

With implementation of the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE), CBP takes a giant step towards simplification of handling processes as well as environmental friendlyness.

To get full insight and a precise understanding of this future single window and the changes and consequences coming with it, join the ACE webinar by Airforwarders Association (AfA) on Thursday, October 23rd, 2.00 p.m. EDT.

Riege Software International proudly announces their sponsorship of this important webinar since it is our goal to not only engage for our customers but the entire cargo industry of the US. Join the webinar, you are cordially invited.



Scope 6.4 – More than New

New Features, more Options

Scope 6.4 – More than New?

Scope is in constant progress. Once again, the major release in the 3rd quarter 2014 provides new features and improvements for even faster, more efficient and more comfortable operations.


Scope 6.4 Top Features


  • Drag & Drop from Scope to Desktop


  • Stand-Alone Booking Overview
  • BUP - ULD Building function
  • GT-NEXUS Interface (Bookings, Shipping instructions & status updates)


  • Consolidated invoice lines
  • Sales representative assignment
  • Automated emailing of Invoices
  • Read-Only Shipment Overview

Customs Netherlands

  • DTV Webservice
  • DTV Request for Calculation

TP Industrial Yarns selects Scope to do Customs clearances themselves

TP Industrial Yarns

TP Industrial Yarns, headquartered in Bleiswijk, has selected Riege Software International’s Scope software to manage the customs clearance processes in its distribution of goods worldwide. TP’s Industrial Yarns contain different technical properties, which makes them suitable for a wide range of purposes ranging from ropes and hoses to geotextiles used in windmills and other clean energy applications. TP Industrial Yarns has obtained its AEO certification and using Scope for its AGS2 and NCTS declarations with the customs authorities in The Netherlands.


Riege Showcases Scope at WCA First Annual Conference 2014 in Hong Kong

Riege Software International is participating for the second time at the 16th WCA First Annual Conference from May 11th to 14th, 2014 in Hong Kong, China.

16th WCA First Annual Conference

Members of WCA make up the world’s most powerful grouping of independent freight forwarders with 5438 offices in more than 759 cities and ports worldwide and together create more logistics power than all other networks combined.

We will showcase the latest developments of Scope, our multi-modal transport management system which also integrates into the WIN platform, a common platform for the logistics industry, designed specifically to facilitate electronic communication of shipment data and documentation.

The integration with WIN produces significant improvements in efficiency and cost-savings for forwarders and agents and provides a perfect platform for E-commerce and paperless transfer of documents. No matter which software the partner is using, by integrating with WIN, Scope creates a seamless connection and data exchange.

Johannes Riege, Founder and CEO of Riege Software International:

We are all very excited to be able to showcase Scope, our innovative transport management system with all attendees. Over the years I have met many freight forwarders who all share the challenge of managing such a complex supply chain process and who look for ways to save time and efficiencies and to continuously improve on what they already do. I enjoy hearing both successes and challenges as the custom requirements continuously change and evolve. Having been involved in the industry for more than 30 years, I believe that Scope provides a uniqueness that can help take things to the next level.

Come and meet us at our booth B2 – we are pleased to welcome you!


Aircargo.nl Select Scope in The Netherlands

Aircargo.nl, with offices in Amsterdam and Aalsmeer, have made the change to Scope Air Freight and Customs modules. They are now using the cloud based system from Riege Software International to manage their shipments. Interfaces have been built to meet the forwarders additional needs, Customs documents created within Scope are loaded on an Aircargo.nl server where they can be viewed and downloaded by customers.

For accounting, Scope provides an interface to Exact Online, the popular software package selected by Aircargo.nl for their finance operations.


About Aircargo.nl:

As an international freight forwarding and logistics company, we are able to offer our customers a wide range of AOG, Offshore, Ship-spares, perishable goods and general cargo, by means of various transport services. With offices in Amsterdam and Aalsmeer, Aircargo.nl is able to help in every possible way, be it urgent or general cargo. Aircargo.nl offers a worldwide service and takes care of all aspects of logistics processes.


TNT Express Benelux Switched to Scope for their Special Services

TNT Express Benelux has switched to Scope of Riege Software International. After just a few short weeks the TNT staff were already processing shipments faster and with more accuracy than they were able to do with their previous system.

Known consignors are easily checked in Scope Air Freight, thereby verifying secure shippers, authorized agents and carriers and the required screening of shipments. The security status of the consignment with the integrated Denied Party lists within Scope are used to check more than 30 U.S. and international address lists. Additionally, making export declarations, sending electronic messages and ECS handling are now integrated into one solution.

TNT Express

About TNT Express:

TNT Express Special Services provides international solutions to complement the TNT Express network with the challenges in supply chain, speed, product features to ensure they are meeting customer expectations.


Visit Us at NCBFAA 2014 in Summerlin, Nevada


Riege Software International is participating in the NCBFAA Annual Conference in Summerlin, Nevada on April 6th through the 9th with 600 of the international trade industry’s top representatives from around the United States. For four days the nation’s leading customs brokers, freight forwarders, NVOCC’s, OTI’s and service providers gather to update themselves on industry developments and to connect with colleagues new and old.

Riege representatives Tim Mitchell, Managing Director of the Americas and Mark Ketcham, Vice President, the Americas, will be available to demonstrate the capabilities of Scope, Riege’s transportation management system.

Scope is the smart software solution that empowers freight forwarders and logistics partners to easily manage and track their entire business cycle – from quotes to delivery – while satisfying regulatory requirements worldwide.

Visit us at booth #214!


Scope Welcomes New Customer Atrax Airfreight Rotterdam

Atrax Airfreight

From their office at Rotterdam The Hague Airport the employees of Atrax Airfreight now work with the transport management system Scope from Riege Software International. After a very quick implementation, they are ready for the future.


See You at AirCargo 2014 in Orlando

AirCargo 2014

Riege Software International is participating in the AirCargo 2014 Conference in Orlando, Florida on March 30th to April 1st. AirCargo is the premier annual trade show and conference for the AEMCA (Air & Expedited Motor Carriers Association), the AfA (Airforwarders Association), the XLA (Express Delivery & Logistics Association), and ACI-NA (Airports Council International - North America) which co-host AirCargo as a service to the industry.

The conference includes a diverse educational program for attendees, outstanding business opportunities for exhibitors and excellent corporate exposure for sponsors. Each year, AirCargo brings together a virtual “who’s who” of the industry within the express delivery, air freight forwarding and expedited motor carrier industries.

Mark Ketcham, Vice President, the Americas for Riege Software International, will be available to discuss the capabilities of Scope, Riege’s transportation management system. Scope is the smart software solution that empowers freight forwarders and logistics partners to easily manage and track their entire business cycle – from quotes to delivery – while satisfying regulatory requirements worldwide.


Meet Riege at the 8th World Cargo Symposium in Los Angeles

Riege Software International is participating in the 8th World Cargo Symposium in Los Angeles, California on March 11th with 1000+ of other cargo decision-makers and experts across the entire air cargo supply chain. The three day conference will provide a great opportunity to hear from industry experts, and most importantly network with our customers and partners to ensure Riege continues to keep its finger on the pulse of the industry. Johannes Riege, CEO and founder of Riege Software International will be attending with Mark Ketcham, Vice President of the America’s based in Southern California.

8th World Cargo Symposium

The World Cargo Symposium compromises a full day plenary on 11 March, two-day tracks and a Closing Plenary on 13 March. The symposium will also host the Cargo Executive Summit (CES) that unites leaders from across the Supply Chain Worldwide to discuss and stimulate initiatives that will drive significant industry benefits.

We are very excited to attend this conference which will bring updates on current industry initiatives and challenges, and we look forward to sharing the latest developments in Scope, our innovative multi-modal transport management system. Over the years we continue to meet and discuss the challenges of managing complex supply chain processes. Riege Software highly value these gatherings which are essential to our goals of bringing improvements and new efficiencies to the Cargo industry.

We hope to see you there!


Akomar - Satisfied User of Scope Sea Freight

Akomar is fully satisfied with the sea freight module of Scope by Riege. It was found that their former package no longer kept pace with the development of basic requirements at Akomar.

Akomar Shipping BV

I’ve known Henk, Martin and Nardo since 1997,” says Arjan about the Riege Netherlands team. “They have so many years of expertise and are totally service oriented, so when I heard they had started Scope in the Netherlands, without a doubt the door was open to them here.

Read the case study.


AEL Partners with Riege Using Scope

Recently expanded into the US market, Scope, Riege’s transport management system is a perfect fit for American Export Lines (AEL), especially with the WIN connection, “Efficiency, productivity, and the ability to adapt to changing customer and agent demands requires a combination of good technology, people, and processes. WIN has proven to be a solution to help improve operational efficiency between agents, and the fact that Scope integrates with WIN is definitely going to benefit us at AEL,” quotes Kasra Ferasat, Marketing Director at AEL. “During the first demo, we were impressed by how simple and straight forward the user interface and processing of shipments was within Scope.”

American Export Lines

American Export Lines (AEL) is an international freight forwarding and logistics company founded in 1974 specializing in Import and Export freight services, including: Ocean, Air, Land and Rail Freight Services for Autos, Machinery, Parts, Electronics, Medical/Medicines, Food Stuff and other General Cargo to and from Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Central and South America, Oceania, Russia and Central Asia. With a network of reliable agents, our own offices and warehouses, an experienced staff and our own warehouses in the East and West coast, AEL offers full-service customized freight solutions to clients worldwide.

AEL is most excited about the efficiency the software brings, including the search options, security options, real time view of operations and access rules for all areas of Scope, “Forward thinking innovative approach to their software.” AEL and Riege look forward to a long partnership, “The people I have dealt with are extremely professional, patient, open-minded, experienced and pleasant to work with. Additionally, the fact that a majority of their team has a Freight Forwarding/Logistics background is a major plus. It’s a software “built by forwarders, for forwarders!” adds Mr. Ferasat.

Johannes Riege, founder of Riege said, “Our customer service, with competitive rates and first-class service, is our first priority. We believe in our clients as partners; their success is our success. Constant attention to them is just part of our daily work. We are very proud of the loyalty of our employees and customers most of whom have been with the company for over 15 years.”


QCS Netherlands Switches to Scope

QCS-Quick Cargo Service, located at Schiphol Airport and the Port of Rotterdam are handling their air and sea freight shipments with Scope, the transport management system from Riege Software International.

Scope has an integrated customs module which allows QCS to also complete customs declarations within the TMS. Accounting operations use Exact Globe Next, and an interface provides a seamless link from Scope to Exact.

QCS-Quick Cargo Service

QCS-Quick Cargo Service was established in 2004 at Schiphol and Rotterdam in 2008, and is a leading European logistics service provider (LSP) offering a wide spectrum of services including a complete range of international freight forwarding services.

With the right combination of infrastructure to provide a dense global network of agents, service and know-how, QCS-Quick Cargo Service generates added value for national and international accounts.

QCS-Quick Cargo Service, your specialist in coordination and optimization of logistics services.


Known Consignor and Regulated Agent, EU database integration with Scope

The latest version of Riege Software’s transport management system Scope, is now connected to the Regulated Agent (RA) and Known Consignor (KC) database of European Union. Previously it was possible to store in Scope the RA and KC status, but this new feature adds online validation of these parties.

New regulated agents or known consignors can be looked up in the RAKC database while processing shipments or customs entries in Scope. The RA or KC number and date of registration are then included in the Scope database automatically.

The user can set a regular interval for Scope to automatically validate RA and KC addresses (e.g. every day at 02:00) and inform users if any changes to these addresses occur.

Scope RA/KC

Scope uses a login provided by the Dutch Royal Military Police (KMAR) which is specific to each user or group of users. This enables the KMAR to show how many times a user has accessed the RAKC database.

Integrated control of established regulated agents and known consignors within the European Community is in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 300/2008 and its implementing regulations.


TLT is live with Scope in Amsterdam, Atlanta and Frankfurt

TLT Silver Tiger Logistics (TLT) with headquarters in Frankfurt (Germany) and subsidiaries in Amsterdam (Netherlands) as well as Atlanta, Georgia (USA) has been live for a couple of weeks with Scope, Riege’s transport management system.

After a short rollout phase, TLT is processing all its air and sea freight shipments using Scope. Accounting is executed via interfaces to third party accounting packages in each country, e.g. Quickbooks in the USA.

TLT Silver Tiger Logistics are an innovative global logistics solutions provider, adaptable to all customer needs, providing highest satisfaction, quality and cost-savings.

TLT Silver Tiger Logistics

About TLT Silver Tiger Logistics:

Headquartered in Frankfurt (GER) and with stations in Amsterdam (NED) and Atlanta (USA) combined with representation in China and India, they are a specialized division of the TLT Group.

The TLT Group takes over manufacturing and logistics processes for the industry (e.g. automotive) and supports them with engineering, consulting, interim management as well as customized products and services.


New Interview: Scope at Cargo Holland

A new interview with Marc Kort of Cargo Holland, a new Scope customer from Netherlands who offers air and sea freight as well as road transport services, has been pubished on our website.

Marc Kort, Managing Director at Cargo Holland

I have known the people behind Riege Netherlands for many years. They introduced Scope to us – a very user-friendly, easy-to-use and self-explanatory Transport Management System (TMS). To a very large extent, Scope met our requirements to serve our customers. With Scope we have all relevant information for any shipment to hand at any time. The system provides transparency of all activities. And we also appreciated the fair price and the quality of the product.

Read the full interview in Dutch, English or German.


iF Communication Design Award 2013

We are very happy to announce that Weissraum Design, our agency for visual communication from Hamburg, has won an iF award for the corporate design of Riege Software International.

iF Communication Design Award 2013

The globally recognized seal of quality for outstanding design is awarded every year in the three disciplines product, communication and packaging. Agencies, design firms and SMEs use the iF design awards as a test for their products.

The iF design awards exist since 1953.

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New Interview: Scope at General Transport

A new interview with Andreas Speiser of General Transport, our pilot customer for Scope Customs Switzerland, has been pubished on our website.

Andreas Speiser, Managing Director at General Transport

Scope features special applications certified by the Swiss Federal Customs Administration. What’s more, all employees can access complete dossiers, including business data, copies of invoices and freight documents. Suppliers and customers are likewise connected. As an example, CASS data is fed into Scope directly for central calculation of airline freight costs, booked against provisions for liabilities and charges, and charged on to our customers accordingly.

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New Interview: Scope at ths aircargo services

A new interview with Rüdiger Suhrke of ths aircargo services from Hamburg, our pilot customer for Scope® On-Hand, has been pubished on our website.

Rüdiger Suhrke, Managing Director at ths aircargo services

Scope makes our processes significantly easier. For example, it maps the entire audit trail that we as a regulated authorised agent must create for each shipment. No other system can do that to my knowledge. Scope also automatically checks the relevant EU database of the officially approved air freight forwarders and regulated agents, and checks the blacklist.

We are now exclusively using a stringent system that covers all the processes. Scope is mostly self-explanatory and intuitive to use, and this has greatly reduced our training requirements. All processing and handling steps now run a lot faster, the error rate is lower, and we can save considerably on costs.

We thank Mr Suhrke for the positive feedback and look forward to continuing our successful partnership.

The interview is avaiable in Englisch and German.


Johannes Riege about e-freight at IATA Aviation Day in Frankfurt

Johannes Riege, President and Founder of Riege Software International was on stage at the IATA Aviation Day Europe in Frankfurt to talk about his view on the topic “e-freight”.

Date: Wednesday, 30 May 2012
Event: IATA Aviation Day Europe
Place: Maritim Hotel Frankfurt Messe
Speaker: Johannes Riege

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e-freight is all but etix

People often wonder why electronic ticketing works in the field of passenger air trans- ports but its cargo counterpart e-freight is still in its infancies. So the sober question to be raised is: Why does our industry not simply transfer the proven, tested, and commonly accepted etix tool into the global cargo world?

The answer is easily to be found when asking ourselves where etix would stand today, if a passenger would have to declare which different items his luggage contains, if he has got a dangerous goods declaration for his deodorant he’s carrying with him, etc. If these formalities would be required from each traveler etix would most likely still be in its preliminary phase.

The easy thing in electronic ticketing is that only two interacting agents are involved – the passenger and the airline. As far as data requirements are concerned only airline, flight details, payment specifics, and passenger data are needed to purchase a ticket and take off on board an aircraft.

In comparison our air freight business is much diverse: the processes are highly complex, the number of participants is by far greater, and the authorities – especially customs – are acting according to their state’s own rules and regulations.

So in short: e-freight cannot be compared with etix!


IATA has first taken up the e-freight issue at the World Cargo Symposium (WCS) in 2007 in Mexico City. There WCS presented e-freight as valuable contribution for Simplifying the Business (Stb). Ever since this Mexico gathering the e-freight topic stood on the agenda of each of the subsequent annual meetings organized by the WCS. To push this task forward IATA has worked with many regulatory authorities, especially customs administrations. Today’s result is that on a number of international trade lanes there is no more need for paper documents since customs authorities not only collaborate but are meanwhile part of the e-freight process.

Further achievements are in brief:

  • The e-AWB is approved by the IATA Cargo Services Conference (CSC) and now serves as a contract between the forwarder and the airline rather than the previously used paper-AWB.
  • The Cargo Data Interchange Task Force (CTITF) defines the XML-standards of documents.
  • The e-freight Operating Procedures (e-Fop) describe the processes.
  • IATA has made e-freight a task for the regions, by organizing joint meetings with forwarders, airline representatives and other parties involved in air freight on a local basis, as the Frankfurt-held conference 30 May 2012 proves, to name only one such event.
  • In the U.S. e-freight stands always on top of the agenda at the annual CNS conferences.

This illustrates the many efforts IATA has put and keeps on putting in e-freight. The promoting of this important and innovative tool by IATA I consider being of utmost relevance for our industry.

Current results

According to IATA’s May 2012 figures e-freight has gone live in 42 countries, at 429 airports, and 46 airlines as well as 2057 freight forwarders participate. That looks pretty impressive. So the question has to be raised how IATA achieved those figures?

The answer is rather simple - because only e-AWBs are counted in the IATA statistics (in conjunction with pdf-documents). The e-AWB scheme can be compared with etix® in passenger traffic. The sad conclusion reads: We are still very much in the infancy of e-freight, despite all efforts by IATA, industry participants and customs authorities.

So to me the core message must be that real benefits for the air cargo industry are only achieved, if all partners exchange data instead of documents.

Symmetric vs. asymmetric approach

Basically, there are two approaches of managing e-freight processes: the symmetric and the asymmetric solution. What do these models consist of and where do they differ?

To put it simple: the symmetric model treats all participants within a given supply chain from A to Z as being equal partners. Each of them – from a shipment‘s origin to it‘s final destination – act as equal peers. This is the currently deployed model: everybody, whether the shipper, trucker, forwarder, ground handling agent, customs agencies, consignee and last but not least the airlinee are deploying e-freight in the scope of their own possibilities and economic goals for the greater good. The result of this collective effort of equals is the successful paperless shipment – hopefully!

However, there is a trap: everybody relies on everybody else and all participants are responsible only for their own part of the transport chain. But no one takes control of and responsibility for the entire process. Nobody is sitting in the driver’s seat being formally in charge of managing the electronic flow of documents.

In contrast, the „asymmetric“ or „hierarchical“ version advocates a clear solution for directing, coordinating, orchestrating and controlling the processes. Looking at the various participants mentioned before and considering today’s situation, the party for steering the processes successfully should be the forwarding agent.

Why him and not the shipper or consignee?

Given today’s circumstances, the forwarder acts as the central „interface“ within the entire supply chain. It is the forwarder’s duty to organize the pickup, to make sure the cargo is properly declared as demanded by the authorities. He’s responsible for booking the airline’s transport capacity, he makes sure the shipments are delivered to the ground handler in a timely manner for ensuring that the shipment is flown as previously booked. In addition it is the forwarder’s duty to make sure that the import process is done correctly and that the goods arrive in time and on budget at the final destination.

The important prerequisite for getting the asymmetric approach off the ground is that the shipper must provide the forwarder with the relevant data concerning his particular shipment: the nature of goods, the weight, the price, whether there are Dangerous Goods and what they consist of - and so on. Only when being equipped with these specifics the agent can direct, coordinate and orchestrate the transport. Only than he is enabled to manage the entire process and data exchange according to paperless e-freight requirements.

If shippers do not pro-actively provide these data sets to their agents e-freight will still be implemented in some ways or others. But it will stay a piecemeal process with little or no coordination.


This has to be stressed once again: we need the data, not the documents. Only then transports can be speeded up and costs be reduced. Ideally we need the integration of all processes by directly linking the systems involved.

Instead, what we don‘t need is another „next portal“ where participants more or less manually up- and download the data. The key to success is a direct link between systems and processes. IATA has worked hard over the past years to make this linkage possible by defining a common set of messages. Given this everybody should now work hard to implement these messages and realize the links between the different systems.

Advantages for all participating parties

The advantages are widely known, for example the reduction of errors, the speeding-up of processes and the subsequent savings in time and costs. This last mentioned point is convincingly illustrated in a study presented 2011 by the Civil Aviation of Singapore (CAAS). According to their analysis for compiling one manually processed House Air Waybill (HAWB) enterprises have to pay USD 2.70 per employee. In case of e-freight these costs are reduced to USD 1.60 per head, saving the firm USD 1.10. Which might not sound very impressive is in fact a lot of money at the end of the day, given the fact that the Singaporean study assumes an hourly wage of USD 8.00 per employee. In Europe or the U.S. no forwarding agent would be willing to work for this salary, I assume. Hence, the savings would even be more substantial.

Interesting is another comparison mentioned in the CAAS paper. According to the authors a staff member processes 24 HAWBs in average per day when exercising traditional paperwork documentation. In contrast, the same employee is able to process 41 HAWBs each day if facilitating e-freight. This is a remarkable increase of productivity and a clear proof of the many benefits e-freight is able to deliver when utilized by the industry.


The above mentioned example well illustrates one of the many benefits e-freight can deliver, in this case a remarkable increase of productivity for the cargo industry without loading more work on the employee’s shoulders.

As previously stressed e-freight reduces costs and increases the product quality. Therefore, it is one of the rare approaches in air freight that leads to innovating the business. Traditionally and unfortunately, this industry does not belong to the most progressive businesses despite the immense value it delivers day by day to the world economy by enabling the rapid flow of goods across the continents.

So, in theory e-freight works. But it requires a common effort. Everybody has to participate.

It’s like in soccer. Take my team, Borussia Dortmund, for example, this year’s German champion and national cup winner. Their basic philosophy is that the individual player is important, but it takes a strong and unified team to be successful. This simple conviction goes for e-freight as well. Required is a common effort with each player of the supply chain needed to participate actively.

What we need is an ‘e-freight community’ to achieve a broad and lasting success.

by Johannes Riege



New Press Release: transport logistic and transfairlog: Riege presents new features in Scope 4.2

A new press release has been published:

Meerbusch-based Riege Software International GmbH will attend two trade shows in June 2012 to unveil the latest release of Scope®, which is Riege’s transport management system for air and sea freight and customs clearance. The family-run company will be at transport logistic China from 5 to 7 June in the German Pavilion of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology where they will have a 20 square meter stand. Riege Software International has attended the exhibition every year since 2006.

This press release is available in English and German.


New Case Study: alpha trans and Riege: Co-operating Successfully!

A new case study has been published:

alpha trans

Munich air and ocean freight specialist, alpha trans, and Riege Software International have been cooperating closely for many years. alpha trans has been using Procars, precursor to the transport management system Scope® since 1995. Suggestions made during the pilot phase were included in the new software. The deployment of Scope led to considerable savings and played a major role in the smooth certification of alpha trans as an AEO-F.

The case study is available in English, Dutch and German.


New Press Release: Riege Simplifies Cloud Computing With New WebSocket Protocol

A new press release has been published:

With the current version 4.0 of Scope®, Riege Software International has once again simplified cloud computing for its customers. The newly-developed transport management system for air and ocean freight management and customs applications now supports the WebSocket protocol.

The HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)-based network protocol was introduced in December 2011 as an open standard to create continuous, bidirectional links between web applications such as Scope and WebSocket or application servers. Riege Software International’s Scope solution is the first of a new generation of applications that operate using this new standard.

The press release is available in English, Dutch and German.


New Press Release: Riege Showcases Software Solutions at the CNS Partnership Conference 2012

A new press release has been published:

The 22nd CNS Partnership Conference will take place from 6 to 8 May 2012 in Miami, USA. Riege Software International, an experienced supplier of comprehensive software solutions for air and sea freight management as well as customs, will be a sponsor of the event and present a stand showcasing their technology. The CNS Partnership Conference is seen as the most important annual event for the air freight industry in the USA. Every year about 500 top-level representatives from airlines, freight forwarders, shippers and service providers from the USA and worldwide take part.

The press release is available in English and German.


New Press Release: Riege Supports Implementation of Cargo 2000 at Iberia Cargo

A new press release has been published:

Riege Software International and the Spanish airline Iberia have set up transmission of shipment data as part of the IATA Cargo 2000 initiative. The airline selected DB Schenker and Riege as its pilot partners for the certification process. Both companies are already Cargo 2000-certified and active members of the Cargo 2000 initiative. In January 2012 Iberia Cargo announced that it has earned the Cargo 2000 certification.

The press release is available in English, Dutch and German.


New Press Release: New Riege Customers at the Turn of The Year

A new press release has been published:

Several forwarders have migrated to Riege Software’s new Scope® transport management system for all their forwarding operations at the start of 2012. Scope was developed by Riege in anticipation of rapidly changing market requirements. Since its launch, there has been strong demand for the advanced system, which is characterized by fast, efficient and multi-functional usage together with ultra-modern and user-friendly software architecture.

The press release is available in English, Dutch and German.


New Case Study: Pan Asia Logistics Rolls Out Scope in All Asian Branches

A new case study has been published:

Pan Asia Logistics

Pan Asia Logistics, a preferred air and ocean freight forwarder and logistics partner for many top brands in the East Asian market, has rolled-out Riege Software International’s new transport management system “Scope”. The product was implemented in 40 offices during 2011, with the new head office in Singapore to follow in spring 2012. Pan Asia Logistics uses Scope to enhance its services and integration with its customers. Scope also simplifies internal processes and reduces costs.

The case study is available in English, Dutch and German.


New Interview: Scope at 2 Achieve

A new interview has been published:

Michael Konijnenberg, Owner at 2 Achieve

Michael Konijnenberg and Odaccar Blokker founded 2 Achieve in 2010. Both benefit from years of experience and a global network in air freight forwarding and logistics. Speed and reliability are the keywords that make 2 Achieve as the first Scope customer in the Netherlands different from most others. 2 Achieve Customs Solutions and 2 Achieve Couriers are the main projects that will have the highest attention in 2012.

The interview is available in English, Dutch and German.


New Press Release: Riege Opens Data Center in Hong Kong

A new press release has been published:

With the opening of a new data center in Hong Kong in November 2011 Riege Software International has now created a rapid and secure cloud solution for its Asian region clients. The new hosting center, in Hong Kong’s Kwai Chung district, expands the software company’s existing IT infrastructure currently located in Frankfurt and head office in Meerbusch. Among the first users of the new center is a long-standing client, Pan Asia Logistics.

The press release is available in English, Dutch and German.


New Case Study: Scope Provides High Data Quality and Reduces Globaltrans Employee Workload

A new case study has been published:


German freight forwarder Globaltrans aims to expand its business with high-quality services and pro-active customer focus. The Düsseldorf-based medium-sized company will rely on support from Scope, the efficient and multifunctional software from Riege, which enables users to make rapid market decisions and relieves staff of routine tasks. The company aims to grow into one of Germany’s top 20 air and ocean freight forwarders within the next 5-6 years.

The case study is available in English, Dutch and German.


New Press Release: IATA e-freight Maximises Data Quality

A new press release has been published:

The e-freight initiative of IATA aims to introduce paperless air freight transport on all relevant routes by 2015. A major challenge is the electronic transmission of accompanying data and documents between all institutions and service providers involved in the transport chain. Scope, the transport management system from Riege, is ideally designed for this task. This has been confirmed with the introduction of e-freight between Düsseldorf-based forwarder Globaltrans and the airlines defined in the start phase.

This press release is available in English, Dutch and German.